May 9, 2011

Home Port

Today is photolog day as I had my camera hooked to my belt loop when I was out for lunch. Click on the photos to enlarge them, they look much more colorful that way.

The marina we live in, I took this photo from the end of the public fishing pier. This view is looking to the south, my workshop is a few blocks south of all the boats.

It has been a very cold and rainy spring, the coldest recorded in Seattle. So no pretty sunny photos for you, this is a reality show today. But my neighbors, the turtles and the duck, found some diluted solar radiation on their pond. I suspect this pond was the home of the lost turtle that wandered into the parking lot at my workshop. A turtle could walk that far in a day or two. We are hoping our young friend who was given the turtle will be accepting of returning the turtle to its natural habitat. I think she has found the turtle to be a rather boring pet so I imagine she will be interested in the project knowing that she can still visit her turtle.

I was feeling a little stir crazy at lunch time today so I hopped on the bicycle and road a short distance up the street. For two dollars you can get a hot dog and sit at a counter with a water front view. The Little Coney burger joint is right next to the marina we live in and it is located in a water front city park with a very nice beach, meadows and wooded hillside. Miles of walking trails and it is at the end of a city wide bicycle trail system. The photo below is also from the end of the pier but looking to the north, that is the beach at the park. The beach continues on around the point.

Looking at the these photos you would not think I lived right in the middle of a major metropolitan city. I can see open space, water, beaches, mountains and trees for miles and miles. There is a miles long wooded bluff buffering us from the city. My little bit of heavenly retreat on the planet earth that has all the conveniences and cultural opportunities of modern urban living. Once in a while we even get warm sunny days!


Debora said...

I've heard about the cold season spring is turning out to be for you all up there. I'm sorry to hear, cos winter was harsh too so i've been told. The stunning surroundings at least make up for it someway. "The best of both worlds" you could say. Best of luck with the weather, spring can be so nice!

Janice said...

Thank you for sharing Karin. I love looking at bloggers' home town photos. I keep adding to my list of places I would love to visit one day and Seattle looks beautiful even on a grey spring day.

Katie said...

Hi Karen! It looks like a very inspiring place! Looks quiet:)

I also wanted to let you know I got my house, Thank you so much!! I will let you know when I finish/start it. I've gotta go back and read the directions again! I'd die If I messed it up!

Thanks again!!

Karin Corbin said...

We had a mild winter this year, very little snow where I am located and not particularly rainy until March came along. La Nina weather patterns are very peculiar.

Karin Corbin said...


You will do fine, just follow the tutorial step by step. The pieces are cut very precisely and go together like a dream. I am here if you need me. Have fun!

Karin Corbin said...

Janice, I was living near Dallas in the late 1960's and one night saw a TV show about Seattle. I turned to my father and told him I wanted to live here. He said when I was grown up I could live anywhere I wanted to and so I did.