October 18, 2020


I am now officially a "Nomad"  on the road full time since the beginning of August in my small vintage travel trailer pulled by my Honda Element. The combination has certainly drawn a lot of attention wherever I go. The first question people ask is "did ou have the trailer custom built to go with your car?" No one believes that it is a 50 year old vintage trailer. Of course the only thing still original on it is the fiberglass shell and the lift mechanism for the popup roof section. All of the interior is new, the frame, axle and wheels are also new as is the canvas in the popup. It even has a solar panel on the roof now and of course modern electrical plug-ins for USB devices as well as LED lighting.

 I did not have quite enough time to fully finish the interior renovation before I left so that is still going on with some electrical wiring left to do for various types of plug ins. Plus I still need to make doors for the cabinets and build a few drawers, but I brought along the tools and most of the materials for that. Once that work is done I will post photos of the completed interior.


Of course I also put in a desk space in the trailer and I have a portable workshop space, ie a dome tent with space to stand up inside of it. photo above is of my current campsite including that dome tent where I am staying in for the rest of October 2020. It is a nice place, very large campsite with picnic table, the restrooms are very close by and there are private shower rooms and toilets for the campers. I am close by to the town of Poulsbo, WA where I was living when I started this blog. But with the Covid 19 situation I am unable to visit my former neighbors who are of course still my friends.

Yes, I am still going to be making miniatures. I brought along the Coastal Cottage dollhouse to finish. Plus I am still making and selling Tiny Village kits in my Etsy store. Despite Covid 19 it has been a good year for my Tiny Village sales. Hopefully this winter, now that my vision is a little more improved and less warped looking, I can design more buildings for that series.