June 6, 2011

Sunset Hill

This evening an errand took us up to the top of the bluff in my neighborhood. There is a birdhouse up there that I built in the early 1990s so I stopped by for a quick photo shoot. It is one of the first birdhouses I sold. It has that shabby chic, antique look after spending nearly 20 years out in the rain and wind. I think she looks pretty good. It has sheltered a great many baby birds over the years, there is nest building going on right now for the newest generation.

I am thinking about making a version of this bird house scaled for dollhouses. Would you all like that?

A few blocks away from the birdhouse I came across a perfect glitter house project. I will start making it this summer. It works for both European and American scenes, the Tudor revival era from the 1930s. The house has a lot of interest without being overly fussy. It looks great from all 4 sides, not often I come across a house that does not need a lot of modification. I will make some changes to the picture windows to give them a bit more of an old world feel. Those windows look out to the same view I have from the beach.

I adore the twin gable peaks with the chimney between.


Garden of Miniatures said...

That's beyond no question, a birdhouse like this in scaled for dollhouse would be wonderful !!!It's absolutely lovely ;-)! Jeannette

Linda Carswell said...

I would love to see a miniature version of that birdhouse....it is fabulous!!!
Will you be offering it in kit form....?

Karin Corbin said...

It would be done as a kit using the same construction methods I use for the glitter houses.
That means it will be easy and lightweight to ship anywhere in the world in an envelope.

It would also make a fun ornament for a real Christmas tree or to hang in a kitchen window.

KC-Design said...

I would be more than happy to have one of those wonderful birdhouses in 12th scale, for my Crooked House.
Please, if you would do it for sale, let me know!


Patty said...

Karin, A kit of your birdhouse would be so great! I love the looks of it!

Linda Carswell said...

...sounds fabulous Karin, I can't wait!!!