January 31, 2013

Gatehouse Portal

My love affair with gatehouses started many years ago. How could I resist adding one to the Tiny Village collection? It is #15 and a definite keeper! This is the first prototype, almost right but as always there is a little more fine tuning to be done. But there are not any visible changes to be made. Only a few adjustments that will help make easier the alignment of the walls of the towers. Those tower sections might look large in the photo but they are only 2/10ths of an inch wide and 1 inch tall.

The detailing at the top of the towers folds down to create that layered look. A bit of extra work for you as a dab of glue has to be put under each section but it is not difficult to do.

There is another new building, a nice little house #14, just to the right of the gatehouse building.

January 23, 2013

The redesign

I made a few changes to the center, 1st floor wall.  Not a major change to the design of the piece.

The entry door wall is recessed further back which took away the issue of trying to align the side wall of that section. No side walls means less to fuss with aligning.

I added a support bracket detail under the overhang, that helps get the bent sections all squared up nicely at 90 degrees. It also added a bit of fun detailing to the entry area.

I liked the design the way it was before but I also like this variation that solved assembly issues.
Rear View with chimney

Yesterday there was a comment that this design would make a good dollhouse. Yes it would, all these little buildings designs could be made larger and converted into plywood shells for dollhouses.

When designing larger scale builds I create a study model out of cardboard  before I cut into any wood. You can see one of those at the link below.

January 16, 2013

new mini buildings

UPDATE: You can now buy the kits at my Etsy Store

Two more almost ready for production, still some relatively minor tweaking to do. I have a third design done as well but did not assemble it for the photo.

Still using the concept of the walls all being folded up from a single piece of paper. Roofs and chimney are separate pieces.

Can you figure out how the house on the right folds up :) ???

First one to guess right in the comments wins one of them! But that means some work, the description of what happens first, then next, has to be accurate. Reminds you of one of those IQ test in which you have to figure out what the next view of an object looks like.