December 22, 2016

Snow for Tiny Village scenes

I took a few minutes this afternoon to test out "snow" for a scene with the micro sized buildings. Obviously not a finished scene as it would need snow on the roofs and every thing properly leveled and lighted too. The snowy ground look is created with a product that used to be found at local pharmacies but now has to be ordered online. It is the very thin, bleached cotton that was used as padding around the edges of cast for broken bones. It comes in rolls and glitter will stick to it since the cotton has lots of tiny fibers making up the surface. The cotton can be layered, just pull off the straight edges so they are feathered and you can blend sections together. If also forms well for making mountain folds. Keywords to finding this product..."cotton roll cast padding". Sold for veterinary use as well as for people :) I think it gives a nice billowy look that is good for miniature scale scenes versus the much thicker quilt battings or Christmas tree skirting material. Plus it is an authentic vintage material that was used for creating such Christmas ornamental scenes. It will also hide the thin metal wires from the little LED light strings. I don't know if I will ever do a finished scene for myself as I have no safe place to store such things from year to year. But I do need to create a few for photography for marketing purposes.

Merry Christmas 2016

 "Micro Tiny Village Castle"© Karin Corbin 2016
Merry Christmas to all of you. There is a golden castle in my hand...this gift from me given to myself was getting this prototype done before Christmas arrived :) It really feels great to get it out of the virtual computer reality and into real life 3 dimensions. All sides of the castle including the inner courtyard sides have lots of details and a lot of great depth changes to the surfaces.

"Tiny Village and Castle" © Karin Corbin 2016

This is the larger sized version in the standard white color (my favorite look) shown with some buildings from the Tiny Village series.  The castle was designed to be used on it own or with the village buildings.

© Karin Corbin 2016

How big is it and what scale are they? Everyone always ask that!  Well castles are much bigger than a village house so it is not going to fit on a shelf in a dollhouse, you will have to put it on a table or on the floor of a child's room or next to a Christmas tree or use it on the shelf in your real house. In a 1:12 scale dollhouse the micro size is going to be the best look unless you are putting it into a 1:12 scale Castle. What scale is it? These items such as toy castles, glitter houses, Putz decorations, cardboard castles and such were not created in scale sizes, they were made in all kinds of sizes ranging from a few inches tall to a few feet high.

The size I settled on for micro was determined by experimenting with making them small and small as being as small as I could make them and still have them be reliable for cutting and assembling. If I make the castle smaller or the village buildings smaller then I have to start removing the smallest of the details and I like the details, that is what makes them rather magical and fun to look at and interesting to put together.

I still have a few very minor adjustments to make before I start the process of creating the step by step, photographic illustrated directions for the assembly. Plus I need to order in the materials for packaging and then figure out what it will weigh for shipping.

November 26, 2016

Sneak preview Tiny Castle

This weekend I am putting the finishing touches on the new Castle set that is part of the Tiny Village series of miniature sized cardstock glitter house, putz sets. Almost done with the building block phase of the design, it will be slightly different from this in-progress image of the 3D CAD model. Soon I will be covering those block shapes with the virtual paper that I will then unfold to make the cutting patterns.

October 25, 2016

Penciling it in

The micro size version of the 2016 Tiny Coastal Village. Now available in my Etsy store along with the larger size too.

September 18, 2016

Today's new design

Another new design for the 2016 Tiny Village set. The building that inspired it has been turned into a cafe, it is on a narrow triangle lot at the point of a twist back street in the country of Sweden. Tall, narrow and a steep roof line made the most of that small site.

Yesterday in my blog comments someone mentioned needing a fire department. I have had a request for one before. A lot of old towns had hand drawn, man operated, fire pump carts so this would certainly work for that with its double wide front door opening.

September 17, 2016

Guessing game?

2016 Tiny Village, the design work continues. Now what would this building be used for in your village? Perhaps a post office, maybe a retail store hats, perfume, chemist, florist, china? Villages do need buildings other than houses so I try to include designs that have that feeling of possibly being something other than a house.

September 15, 2016

Time to create a Tiny Village for 2016

My holiday work begins once again :)

I have lots of great inspirations in my head for this year. I will cut the first prototype today! A little cottage inspired by an old one from France.

I get a lot of  request for very small sized cottages, the kind that were modest with only a very few rooms in them.  I will put several of that size in this year's selection. I am also getting asked for more churches so there will be a new one of those as well.

March 18, 2016

Armchair Travel to Bretagne

Today I virtually, via Google Earth, wandered the streets of Port Saint Goustan in the Brittany region of France. I walked across the bridge then along the quay, then went wandering the streets up the hill  enjoying all the old medieval era buildings and cottages. Very inspirational for putting me in the mood to design more Tiny Old and and Tiny Village buildings. Using google earth means my knees don't give out and it was a free mini getaway trip to France :)

Enjoy this nice video I found on youtube that features the town. But do also check it out in Google Earth and use the function that lets you virtually walk down all the streets.

We have had a few sunny days here in Seattle, the weather is warming up a little but still relatively cold. Hopefully the drying out trend will continue as it has been a very wet winter, the most rain on record for any winter in Seattle. I am getting impatient for getting more work done on my vintage motorhome project. I have started gathering a few supplies for the plumbing and electrical work that has to be installed before I start cutting wood for the cabinets. A big advantage is this is a very small motorhome, a big disadvantage is that means it can be difficult to fit things into the small space for accessing spaces behind spaces including things such as myself :)

February 10, 2016

Pupply onboard!

A new crew member signed onto the good ship Antelope yesterday evening. It's a baby boy standard poodle, color red. Smart as a whip. Brio (his name) learned the commands sit and (lie) down before bedtime and I mean he really has it nailed down for response time to get his bottom stuck down to the deck. This morning he added come and spin (in a circle) to his bag of tricks. You might wonder why teach him to spin right away. It is a great way to teach them to greet people. Puppies and even grown dogs need some way to release excitement when they meet people instead of indulging in the natural inclination to jump up on them. He will be a very large dog when full grown but at the moment he is still small enough to fit into my 15lb cat's harness and fleece sweater so those will serve as his baby clothes. He has not met the two cats yet.

February 7, 2016

Armchair Travel to Romania

This is the kind of thing I just love to do. Explore old European streets. A bicycle would be excellent if I ever take another trip there. Romania is high on my list of places I would like to visit.  I wore my feet and knees out after spending 3 weeks in France exploring the kinds of streets shown in this video and also from wandering around smaller towns in the countryside. I will be working on another Tiny Old Town set of little cardstock buildings this year. The taller ones that can be placed right against each other for creating these kind of street scenes.