August 13, 2017

Tiny Village Necklace

I have been playing with miniatures again. This time I put the little lighthouse from the Micro Tiny Coastal Village 2016 into a little glass dome pendant necklace. It does make a nice necklace or Christmas tree ornament or ...something fun to hang in front of a window. I plan to have a limited quantity of ready to wear ones with pre-assembled buildings inside for sale in my Etsy store for the Christmas season. But they are not listed yet as I am still waiting on the supplies to arrive which seem to be taking the slow boat from China :) When they are ready I will update this posting and add an additional one.

The dome is great as it protects the building. Overall size of the container is 1 inch wide by 2 inches high. Not all of my micro sized tiny village buildings will fit inside of the dome but quite a few of them will.

For those of you looking to purchase this size of dome you can find them in the Tim Holtz line at places such as Michaels and Joanns.  Or for a safe way to order them in larger quantities with  options for style and other colors such as silver... you can get them from an Etsy seller who ships direct from China. Buying through Etsy will give you good buyer protection policy plus additional ways to pay within this country. This Etsy store has a 5 star rating.

I am not going to stock quantities empty domes to sell with my kits. My storage space is mini sized :) This is why I tell you where to buy things such as these domes and other supplies.