April 12, 2023

Custom Work Space in my small travel trailer

I am slowly getting my little vintage travel trailer set up for making more 1:12 scale miniatures. 

As I am at present being a mostly full time traveler in my  trailer I will have to stick to smaller sized projects. Of course the cardstock miniature buildings are still being produced and sold on Etsy so I am gradually getting better at setting up and putting away the materials and various tools. My vinyl cutter is now permanently on my desktop as storing it away and putting it back out was bothering my back. But that left me a bit shy of a little work surface to set the in-feed table on or put the inkject printer on or do other small craft tasks. So I built a little plywood top with a cutting mat that rest on the open desk drawer.  Of course I also need to have a 12v refrigerator, a place to store food, drawers for puts and dishes. All that and more is in the cabinets you see in this photo. You can just see the edge of my 29" wide bed that has a few miniatures making tools stored under it.  Of course I do have a tow vehicle and it holds  other miniature making tools and materials. The cabinet doors and drawers were built while I was traveling without a workshop space so making miniatures while traveling is certainly a possibility.


The grandmommy said...

I would LOVE to be able to do this!! Please let us know every step!

Daydreamer said...

Hi Karen! It's great to see you are still traveling and making minis! Blogs have gone very quiet in the past few years, so it is always nice to see a post from former bloggers! I look forward to seeing your projects develop!

Idskesminis said...

That is a very neat workspace. I’m looking for inspiration to do something about the chaos in my work room. Rather than getting better organised I seem to move tools and materials from box to another, usually bigger, box and am not gaining anything as I still need to label everything and am forever searching for stuff I know I have! I wish I could be as minimalist as you are!


azteclady said...

Nothing pertinent to say, just a note to say I'm glad you are still 'trucking' and still making miniatures. Wishing you continued joy and safety.