December 20, 2013

Old Town Clock Tower Gate

Tiny Glitter House, Putz by Karin Corbin
 The old cities in Europe often had a number of gates into the different sections of town. This is my interpretation of one of those buildings. I found a photo of a real building of that type which had the tower coming into the building at that same 45 degree angle. That angle really livens things up a bit!

No clock on my prototype.  I will have to make one to put on my instructions website as an option that can be used as a printable.  But it might be nearly impossible to tell what it is on the micro scale version if there was glitter over it.

I love the look of that crystal star under the house. It is a crystal wine glass turned upside down. Certainly makes for a classy display stand for a prototype. But even better is that it elevates it above the clutter on my worktable so I did not have to clean up just to take a quick photo. Now that really speeds up a photograpy session.


Josje said...

Great design, I love that angle on the tower. And the upside down wine glass is also a great idea which I may steal from you in the future ;-)

miraclechicken said...

This is a really cool design, and a great picture for a quickie :)

Unknown said...

Lovely house....I have a "thing" for houses and I surely love your cute, little house. Perfectly done.

Catherine said...

I LOVE it! What a great design.

Daydreamer said...

Happy Holidays Karin!
I Love your new building designs!
I have not yet completed all my kits from you.... But I have plenty of Time 'til Next year, Right? LOL!
I want to make a Christmas House.... Seems like my list of projects just gets longer!
Happy Holidays!