November 9, 2013

The Fairy Ring

photo copyright Karin Corbin 2013
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At last I got around to taking some time to play with the toys I have been making. Not your 1950 glitter house scene, this scene harkens back to days of old.  I can easily see this project as an illustration in a faerie tale from the late 1800's. Mushrooms were very popular subjects in the beautiful European Christmas cards of that era and the style of buildings I design are the same types featured on those cards.  

I found a mushroom decoration at the local florist yesterday. I had gone in looking for a few things to use in photos. This scene is 6.5" tall and the base the mushrooms stand on is only 2.75" wide. (See the link at the bottom of this posting for ordering the mushroom piece I used in the project from an online source.)

These are the pieces from the micro sized, gingerbread colored Tiny Villages. It is a combination of the 2012 and 2013 pieces. I had to add in a few extra pieces to get it filled in as much as I wanted.
I combined three of the buildings to create a cojoined grouping. A little trimming of roofs is all that is needed to be able to glue them together in a row.
Photo copyright Karin Corbin 2013

Faerie Rings are found in forest clearings. There is a ring of mushrooms with the center area empty.
My Fairy Ring is on top of a mushroom with the Queen's castle in the center. A tiny magical place to visit in a magical season.

photo copyright Karin Corbin 2013
The snow on the roofs and the ground was created with Scribble brand, dimensional fabric paint. Before the paint dried I sprinkled it with ultra fine, crystal glitter. The glitter on the houses and trees is from Barbara Trombley, she makes very beautiful blends of glitter colors. I wanted a soft, almost monochromatic color scheme to go with the mushrooms.

The mushrooms I used are cloth covered. I trimmed back the fuzzy surface of the fabric with a pair of scissors then I coated the fabric surface with white gesso and then some lightweight acrylic modeling paste before I started applying glitter and the buildings. The acrylic modeling paste can be used to create a raised snow effect on the ground. Glitter will stick to the wet modeling paste.

How to make a mushroom for your micro tiny village.

Where to purchase the mushrooms online. Remember the mushrooms are a seasonal item and might be out of stock at certain times of the year.

Happy Holidays,


The grandmommy said...

How adorable!

Troy said...

Wow, They look awesome. I love the idea of dental brushes for trees. Very creative.

Daydreamer said...

Oh how sweet they look all clustered together like that! What a wonderful fantasy world! I Love the idea of them perched on top of a mushroom.... truly magical!

Unknown said...

That is so cool and makes me jealous! Very creative and does look like something from the fairy world! Love it.


miraclechicken said...

Great idea! The glitter is beautiful---

Jeanie said...

Just delightful.....I'd like to move into one of those tiny treasures!

John said...

Very charming, Karin!

shannonc60 said...

They look so gorgeous covered in snow and glitter, arranged on the mushrooms. So perfect!

Marit said...

That is an interesting scene! I love little houses (obviously), mushrooms and glitter, great way to combine them all!
I live on the border of a forest and a few weeks ago, the day after full moon, I discovered a faerie ring in my garden... Oh, I know what the scientists say, but my heart believes in the magic dance of faeries :).


Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Absolutely love this mushroom tree!Beautiful and very creatie! Mini hugs, Natalia