November 20, 2009

Window Latches

photo copyright Karin Corbin 2009

The working window latches are just about done. I can see that I need to move the catches on the upper and lower edges over to the right a little more. Digital cameras are so fantastic to use for an instant critique. It really gives you a fresh perspective and virtual set of  eyes that have not been staring at a miniature part for far too long.

The handle in the center of the latch is a fragment of one of the Vintag brass findings I got at the Fusion Bead store in Seattle the other day. The brass rod has a darkening patina applied to it. No bling allowed on this dollhouse but there is a richness of texture and detail that tells its own story in this structure.

In case you are wondering about scale the brass rod I used is 1/32" in diameter.

While they are not a replica copy of any particular window latch they are of the early style that was found on old houses. They will do nicely.


Anneke said...

Truly wonderfull! I love how much craftmanship and detail goes into this, the result is wonderfull to see! I'm so impressed by your skills!

Evelien said...

omg, I just dropped and fell next to my chair ;)
This looks amazing!! You prove that things in 1:1 can really be turned into 1:12 in the highest detail.

groetjes Evelien

Karin Corbin said...

Anneke and Evelien, that you for your kind comments. It means a great deal to me if Europeans feel I achieved something believable. We don't have this kind of window latching in the USA on our real houses.

Linda Carswell said...

Absolutely brilliant Karin, I love the detail...truely amazing!!!

Regards, Linda

Garden of Miniatures said...

Just perfect,can't believe that it is not real!Jeannette

Janne said...

So wonderful and so like 1:1 scale,and the brass is nice to

Karin Corbin said...

I just opened my blog and looked at the photo of the window. It looks like a white window shade on the wrong side of a real window. Maybe I should take another shot this time with a photo of an outdoor scene behind the glass. That would be funny. I will have to browse through my coffee table books on villages in France and see what is suitable.

Debora said...

Ooh how I love blogger, clicking on the picture gives away how much detail you've put into this. 15 odd more to do...!? ;-) In our kitchen is a window with the same closing mechanism (on the inside) and all I can say is that you got it sóó right!!

Lirael said...

Oh this is so pretty. And truly realistic! Looks just like what my dad has on his garden doors (he has a 1930's house). I also love the color!

Christel Jensen said...

That is just so clever and very nicely done:)