April 19, 2017

What I have been up to lately.

It has been a while since I have done any significant work on miniatures. I was making good progress on the design for the castle when I experienced an issue with my left eye. It was its time to have a sudden posterior vitreous detachment. That same thing happened to my right eye in the summer of 2015. Once again I pretty much lost functional vision from that episode which created masses of dense, cloudy floaters that constantly moved back and forth across my visual field. The standard medical practice is you have to wait 3 months to see if any of that material will reabsorb which is something that does not happen for me. So yesterday I had a vitrectomy on that eye. The most simple way to explain that procedure is to say I had a fluid change :)  Fortunately it is not painful to recover from as there are no nerve endings inside the eye but it will take a few weeks for it to internally calm down and have the minor swelling go away but six months to fully recover. But one day post operative my vision is already much clearer with the floaters gone .

To complicate matters my right eye which had some retinal damage from its sudden PVD that had led to scar tissue forming in my macular layer was also having a lot of issues. It was supposed to have been stabilized by the vitrectomy on it in late 2015 but unfortunately it turns out that I was statistically the one in hundred persons for whom the procedure did not arrest further scar tissue formation. So I now have very wavy looking vision in that eye as well as having the visual focal depth change month by month and the pucker has grown. This results in the loss of detail vision which any person who makes miniatures has a pretty critical need of. I will be having an operation inside of that eye on May 15th to get rid of as much of the scar tissue as possible. Obviously it is a fairly delicate surgery. That recovery time will take longer and it won't be very good during the first month post op. It is supposed to take three months to be fairly decent and a full year to be fully stable. But if all goes well then once recovered I will have no trouble continuing to make miniatures. I will still have some minor wavy distortion and loss of detail vision but not a major amount of that.

So for those who are waiting to order the new Castle kit I am hoping to get that photography and instruction writing task done in the few weeks that I will have between surgeries as well as cutting some kits to sell. Those kits will help fund the cost of fixing my eyes and I am happy for that!

I will have to admit that the wettest Seattle winter on record along with the frustration of being back to having bad vision once again all through those recent winter months resulted in a constant battle against depression. But now there literally is more light  both in the sky and in my vision. The clouds have literally parted and it is no longer freezing cold all of which is improving my mood day by day. But I am still sad that I won't be able to get as many projects done this summer as I had been looking forward to and also sad that I did not get anything productive done this winter and early spring.