September 18, 2016

Today's new design

Another new design for the 2016 Tiny Village set. The building that inspired it has been turned into a cafe, it is on a narrow triangle lot at the point of a twist back street in the country of Sweden. Tall, narrow and a steep roof line made the most of that small site.

Yesterday in my blog comments someone mentioned needing a fire department. I have had a request for one before. A lot of old towns had hand drawn, man operated, fire pump carts so this would certainly work for that with its double wide front door opening.

September 17, 2016

Guessing game?

2016 Tiny Village, the design work continues. Now what would this building be used for in your village? Perhaps a post office, maybe a retail store hats, perfume, chemist, florist, china? Villages do need buildings other than houses so I try to include designs that have that feeling of possibly being something other than a house.

September 15, 2016

Time to create a Tiny Village for 2016

My holiday work begins once again :)

I have lots of great inspirations in my head for this year. I will cut the first prototype today! A little cottage inspired by an old one from France.

I get a lot of  request for very small sized cottages, the kind that were modest with only a very few rooms in them.  I will put several of that size in this year's selection. I am also getting asked for more churches so there will be a new one of those as well.