March 18, 2016

Armchair Travel to Bretagne

Today I virtually, via Google Earth, wandered the streets of Port Saint Goustan in the Brittany region of France. I walked across the bridge then along the quay, then went wandering the streets up the hill  enjoying all the old medieval era buildings and cottages. Very inspirational for putting me in the mood to design more Tiny Old and and Tiny Village buildings. Using google earth means my knees don't give out and it was a free mini getaway trip to France :)

Enjoy this nice video I found on youtube that features the town. But do also check it out in Google Earth and use the function that lets you virtually walk down all the streets.

We have had a few sunny days here in Seattle, the weather is warming up a little but still relatively cold. Hopefully the drying out trend will continue as it has been a very wet winter, the most rain on record for any winter in Seattle. I am getting impatient for getting more work done on my vintage motorhome project. I have started gathering a few supplies for the plumbing and electrical work that has to be installed before I start cutting wood for the cabinets. A big advantage is this is a very small motorhome, a big disadvantage is that means it can be difficult to fit things into the small space for accessing spaces behind spaces including things such as myself :)