October 9, 2015

Tiny Village 2015 more progress

©Karin Corbin, 3D CAD model of a  house from the 2015 Tiny Village Series

Went back to revisit the design of this building to make it a little easier to put together.  I have not test cut it yet but it is wearing its coat of virtual cardstock now instead of being just basic building block shapes. Who knows it might yet evolve further or it might stay in this form. I am having too much fun playing in my CAD program to stop and cut anything. Sometimes its better not to interrupt the design flow by making my brain switch out of its current mode of being locked into the steps required to manipulate the object types in the program.

The next phase of prototype cutting and assembly is the where the cats get to have some new toys to play with and I get to try and try again with removing or adding a few thousandths of an inch here or there or even making a major renovation at times. That is the gruesome phase as any change involves not just changing the original CAD files which has 3 types of files for each design, the full 3D, the walls flattened out in 3D and the 2D drawing of the flattened building that gets exported to Corel. The Corel file is where I do all the painstaking, fussy node editing,  that file is then exported  to the software that runs the cutting machine. So each prototype revision means changing at least 6 different files in 3 different programs.

Someone asked is there a theme for this village? Well this series is as always based on the types of buildings found in historic Northern Europe. But this one will hopefully have a bit of a surprise for the focal point fancy building in the set. I am still puzzling over the puzzle of how to structure it while I work on the other buildings.