May 9, 2015

piece by piece

kitchen cabinet sub frame in progress.

now the counter top has been put onto the sub frame and I am already using it for a workbench for a power miter saw and a Proxxon bandsaw.````````````````````````
One puzzle piece at a time the cabinets are taking shape. I decided to build an aluminum frame to attach my wood face frames to. It was an easy way to go versus building it all of wood. The aluminum angle extrusions made it easy to level and square things up in a decidedly un-square space. Now I can easily remove the wood face frame, leaving the doors hinged to them and have easy access to things such as plumbing, the gasoline tank filler tube, water pump and fresh water tank. The counter top does not have to be removed as it stays supported by the sub frame. In a house kitchen the cabinets are boxes made of thick plywood but that is just too heavy for a little motorhome to haul down the road.

The aluminum frame for the kitchen side has been completed now  I have temporarily installed the counter top and use it for a work bench. I won't cut out the holes for the cook top and sink until I am pretty much done with the interior remodel.

 This week I am getting ready to take out the temporary workbench top I put in earlier and build the aluminum framing for under it and to support the front edge of the rear lower workbench/bed/reclining couch.  But it will take a few days to get it done as I have to fiberglass a small piece of plywood to extend the sub floor area over to the wall as some of the cabinet framing needs to rest on top of that piece.

Time to quit procrastinating and get to that fiberglass job :(  (I don't like doing fiberglass work)