October 19, 2014

The inspector general

© Karin Corbin 2014, all reproduction right reserved
Zak's favorite spot to hang out while I work. He sits right in front of the heat exhaust from the laptop. I am doing the final check on the prototypes this morning. At this stage I work right by the computer so I can make immediately stop and make any needed adjustments to the cutting files as I am assembling the prototype buildings.

I should be able to start producing the new kits tonight!  Creating the instructions usually takes several days.


Idske de Jong said...

I don't know many cats that can sit so calmly next to something like your tiny paper houses and not try to play hockey! He is a gorgeous cat and so are your houses!

Karin Corbin said...

He is long since used to them so the thrill is gone.

Wee Cute Treasures said...

Love this title for your feline friend - and so accurate. Have you heard the expression @dogs have masters, cats have slaves'. Oh so true. My cat loves to plonk himself under my anglepoise lamp on when I am working because of the heat!