May 14, 2014

learning new techniques

I am getting ready to make trim moldings and cabinetry for my little vintage motorhome. The motorhome will become my new work space for making miniatures.

I have decided to use a cabinetry style for my project that is inspired by the architects Greene and Greene. They are famous for the Gamble House which is now a museum in Pasedena, CA.

One of the features of the cabinetry are small wooden plugs that get installed over recessed screw heads. They are of a contrasting wood. A bit like beautiful buttons dressing up a jacket they dress up and accent the wood work. But of course I want to be efficient in my methods of work so I sought out a tutorial for them.  You might want to watch it if only for the method of safely controlling small pieces of wood on a router table while you put a profile on the edge. That part of the segment is at the end of the video at 14:30 minutes.


Giac said...

Hewllo Karin,
thanks for the interesting video. I love that style furniture.
Big hug,

John said...

Hi Karin,

What a cool project! That is such an unexpected juxtaposition of styles and I can't wait to see the finished result. You have such an eye and unerring knowledge of art history --it's going to be jaw-dropping!

Thanks for keeping tabs on me, Karin, I appreciate that. I lost all my old yahoo addresses (including yours)but my new address is posted on my profile. (

I was going through some turmoil, earlier, but I hope I thanked you properly for the set of villages you sent me. I can't wait to put them together!

All the very best (from your biggest fan)