February 13, 2013

Fairy Dust

photo copyright Karin Corbin 2013
UPDATE: You can now buy the kits at my Etsy store.

You might call this stuff glitter, but I  call it fairy dust because there is always a fair amount of it that has to be vacuumed up and wiped up after working on this kind of project.  I use ultra-fine polyester glitter on these tiny buildings.

This photo show the starting phase of creating a village scene out of the various buildings. I have a long ways to go before the scene is done. Roofs to glitter, snow put on for the roofs and the ground. Trees to make and install. Lights to install too. I will post a finished photo of this project in a couple of weeks when I am happy with how it looks. At the moment I am just fooling around arranging and rearranging the pieces before I commit to the placement of them. Looks like I need to design more buildings to fill up the top of the box which I don't mind doing in the least.  But for now there is no time to work on new designs and still get everything done  before the first of next month. So I think I will be creating a grouping of identical row houses to fill in where future buildings might go.

I am using a small white box I found at a local craft store to mount my scene on. It has a hinged top which will make it easy to install some LED lights with a battery. You could do the same thing using an empty cigar box.

As I am going to take this scene to the Seattle dollhouse show for my sale table as a demonstration piece I wanted something easy to flip open to show the possibilities of adding lighting to the village. I am not selling lighting kits at this time, it is not in my budget to bring in a bunch of them at wholesale prices. But I have put some links on the glitter house blog for various sources to get them.

I glittered the miniature Gatehouse in a pink marble color in honor of Valentines day. It would be a fun color to do for a girly girl's scene in her dollhouse bedroom.

Disclosure....animals have been frequently chastised in the making of this project.