July 4, 2012

Got Birds?

photo copyright Karin Corbin 2012

photo copyright Karin Corbin 2012

On holidays and weekends my two  cats get to go out into the hallway. They love to run up and down the stairs playing tag. Sitting in the birdhouse that now serves as a hideout, ready to launch a sneak attack, is one of the games they play. 

A few years ago they actually did catch a big fat mouse in this hallway at the bottom of the stairs.  I am sure they would be thrilled if another mouse came into the building.


John said...

OMG! Could there be a cuter photo? I thought at first this was the gorgeous birdhouse you were working on, but see it is a DIFFERENT, fab birdhouse!

christine said...

aaww... lovely house and a lovely cat.. i collect vintage dolls houses and i have a cat similar to this one, eye candy xxx

maria l. said...

Preciosa, sin más palabras....no las necesita