April 30, 2012

Parisian Houses in 1610

An engraving showing a street in Paris in 1610. The subject is the assassination of Henri IV, king of France. Photo from

Are you surprised to see the Dutch influence on these houses in Paris?

The old houses such as these were all destroyed to make way for new buildings, part of the plans to create the most beautiful city in the world. Of course it was not done all in one fell swoop. A couple of Napoleons, war, fire and of course decay all played a part. Oh well and who is to say it was not well worth the results? It is certainly a more liveable and elegant city compared to having winding streets of crumbling buildings.

The Dutch style was also an influence on the brick houses of Elizabethan England in the same historic period.


John said...

Probably best that Paris did much of its 'reinvention' during 'The Belle Epoch,' and before!

onbeingaminimum said...

What great shapes these houses have. They create a fabulous skyline.

Giac said...

Hello Karin,
I just saw your message on my blog and wanted to wish you a very happy belated birthday! I hope it will be a wonderful year for you, and I'm glad you've been celebrating! I hope you have a wonderful time tonight with your friends. May I ask which opera you're going to this weekend?
I wish you all the best, lots of love, and allyou hearts desire!
Happy birthday!

Karin Corbin said...

Giac we will be seeing Madame Butterfly. I missed it the last time the Seattle Opera performed it. This Saturday I will be participating in a Seattle first, watching the opera in high definition broadcast on a giant screen from a nearby auditorium that will be connected by cables for the signal transfer. The simulcast showing is free and which means I can take family and friends along to share the fun. Of course it could be a good nap for some, funny how often a long opera finds many dozing off now and again, but we shall see.
We have quite a good Opera company in Seattle with top performers from around the world and an excellent costume and set department.