March 15, 2011

Shamrock Cottage

Top O' the mornin to you all!

In the spirit of St. Patrick's day I planned a surprise for the blog this week. I just finished this prototype for a new 1:144 cottage kit. The roof is gold, the treasure that was found at the end of the rainbow that was over my workshop this week.

photo copyright Karin Corbin 2011

A closer look at the detailing on the window and doors. The ruler is to help you understand the size of this wee wonder. Click on the photo to enlarge it.

I am linking this post to "White Wednesday" at the Faded Charm Blog. Be sure to visit it is fun too see all the White Wednesday links.


TreeFeathers said...

Oh Karin, I love it! This is going on my "must have" list for sure! Also, can you please let us know how we can buy your wee little creations? I haven't found a link for a sales site - do you sell them by email, or just at shows? Thanks! :)

- Grace

Unknown said...

Karen, I love this house this is on my must have. As I want everyone you you make.


miraclechicken said...

Incredible! So tiny, I love it. Happy St. Patrick's day and by the way, I could sit and look at your slideshow all day!

Catherine said...

It is just wonderful! I hope we will be seeing all of these soon for sale.