August 17, 2010

Progress on shutters

The wood work on the shutters is coming along nicely.

I need to make the decision to paint them blue or leave them as they are. I think the aging looks very nice. Of course they are meant to be worn by the wind and the rain as well as having a coat of grime and a hint of green slime. I think I will have to leave the decision to paint or not paint until later when I can do a temporary installation. The  overall look of the project will tell me what to do. I suspect that I will choose the option of painting but for now I will enjoy them as they are.

I have not made the hinges, latches and shutter hooks yet. That is something I am looking forward to doing although no doubt I will feel plenty of frustration during the fabrication of them.


Catherine said...


They look great! I can see why you are enjoying them as they are now. I would live with them awhile too before making a decision about painting them. How many more pairs do you need to make?
What metal are you going to use to make the hardware out of? I am just curious.

Karin Corbin said...

The woodwork for the shutters is finished, all 5 pairs of various sizes.

I am thinking I will make the hinges and latches from steel. Alan Hamar gave me some old narrow, flat, metal street sweeper bristles several years ago. They are mild enough steel to be easily wrought. Steel will allow me to do a natural rust finish on the metal. Too bad for us miniature makers that cities have changed to using plastic bristles for the street sweepers.

Catherine said...

I had to go back in your blog to find both sides of the house. I had forgotten how many windows there were and where they are. I am sure getting that aged look (to the shutters) took some time.

My guess is once the house is finished, you will paint the shutters. Either way it will be beautiful. Still... I love that faded blue and adding it to the shutters would be gorgeous!
I just love this house!!! I am so glad you have started working on it again.

ShellbyFay said...

These look great! Really effective!

Karin Corbin said...

One more window to build for this house. There will be a dormer on the front of the house but no shutter.

Aging does take time. There are a number of steps involved and lots of drying time too.

shannonc60 said...

Looking fantastic Karin, and good to see you back in the swing of things!

Kathi said...

Love what you have done with the shutters! I like the blue on the window too. Looking forward to seeing how you do the hinges. :D

Garden of Miniatures said...

Amazing work,can't believe that it isn't real !Jeannette

Ascension said...

Te esta quedando fantastica, me encanta el envejecido.
besitos ascension

miniaturista said...

Te ha quedado estupenda la ventana , también veo que tienes una herramienta muy completa, aunquesin tus manos de poco sirven.
Un abrazo