February 27, 2010

Miniature real slate roof tiles

photo copyright Karin Corbin 2010

The photo above shows a real, full sized, slate shingle next to my newly made miniature slate shingles. A full size tile was cut up and split thin to make the miniatures. It is amazing that real slate stone scales into making a miniature version very nicely. But it is not an easy task to do. I have tried making thin miniature slate roof tiles for a dollhouse before and failed at the task so I have been putting it off. But today I was able to make them so I am very pleased with myself.

photo copyright Karin Corbin 2010
These slate shingles will be used on the shed roof over the box bed. It is a small roof so I don't mind making the small amount that is needed.

I will make a jig tomorrow to hold my splitting blade more safely; it is very sharp and I don't want to loose any fingers. I don't think it is wise of me to do a tutorial , it is a dangerous task to do. I would feel bad if anyone got hurt doing it. In addition cutting up the stone into small rectangles requires a water cooled, diamond blade tile saw. I already owned the tools because I have for many years done my own tile work on houses I lived in including installing slate flooring.


Lize said...

Good thing you are not doing a tutorial! I may be tempted (love slate!) and I am bound to cut my fingers (very clumsy!). Now a normal slate roof will last 100 years, at least, so I wonder how long this one will last... Sure to outlive us all!

shannonc60 said...

Hi Karin. Thanks for the tips. I was thinking of altering some pre-made mini slate tiles. Not sure of my capabilities/patience to pull this off! I have also awarded you the Sunshine award. Thanks!

Karin Corbin said...

Shannon if you are meaning to thin the edges with chipping I have found a very small pair of wire cutters (also known as side cutters) is the tool that works best. I put tape on half of the jaws to prevent it from scratching the upper surface. I rest that side on the shingle and the other side of the pliers I use an upward pulling motion against the side of the shingle to lift off chips. Takes a a minute or so of practice but it is not difficult after you get the hang of it.

Thanks for the award.

micah said...

nice post!

Frances said...

I'd love to see the finished product you made of the slate tile which you cut. This particular DIY will definitely inspire other individuals to experiment and try out new things with slate tile aside from its usual function as a flooring option.