July 16, 2009

Precision router bases for Dremels

Stewart MacDonald router base for Dremel

Bishop Cochran router base for Dremel

Yes there really is a precision, micro adjustable router base around for a Dremel Motor Tool, in fact there are a couple of them. You won't find them in stores selling dollhouse tools or model making tools. You won't find them on the Dremel website either. These specialty bases were developed for building guitars where a lot of precise routing needs to be done. Just because they were made for guitars there is no reason you can't use them for building dollhouses.

One maker is Stewart MacDonald

Here is a video of that tool in action from youtube.

Another maker of router bases for Dremels and Foredom Motors is Bishop Cochran

I purchased the Stewart MacDonald as it is my plan to build a custom router table using his base to precisely control the height of the bit I chuck into my motor. The thin sub base on his router can be removed and then I will mount it under my custom table top that will have interchangeable zero clearance throat plates. The custom table top and throat plates will be cut on a laser and the material I will be using is Delrin. It will be similar to my custom table for the Bosch Colt Router.

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