June 17, 2009

24 Rue St. Nicholas

Yes there really is a 24 Rue St. Nicholas, it is located in the fascinating, medieval city of Rouen, France. Located at 24 Rue St. Nicholas is perhaps the most charming dollhouse/doll/miniatures store in the whole world. Of course that is just my humble opinion based on my limited travels in the world. The owner of the store gave me permission to photograph, it was very gracious of her.

The photos speak for themselves. Wouldn't this make a great project to do in miniature including the crystal chandelier in the window?

Of course I adore the fact that it is located in a tall medieval timber frame. This type of building is called colombage or pan de bois in French.The old historic district of Rouen is filled with many buildings of that type so take your comfortable walking shoes so you can tour all the twisty, turning lanes they are located along.


shannonc60 said...

It looks magical! So much to see, I bet you spent ages in here!!! The French buildings/shops have so much character.

Linda Carswell said...

It was less than 12 months ago that we drove through Rouen, time was against us and we didn't spend any time there, but I shall add this to my list ...(yes, there is a list)... for next time!!!

Thank you!