March 31, 2009

Good night for a movie

Don't you just love these two architectural models by Timothy Richards? I sure do.

Today  I will introduce you to an extraordinaire model maker from Bath, UK., Timothy Richards. You can buy his models in the USA through several sources. His website will tell you where and it is full of great photos of his projects.

I know they are not dollhouses but that does not mean he can't teach us how to build dollhouses.

What I really went crazy for on his web site was a terrific 19 minute film. He shows some of the steps of building his models and the casting molds they are made in and he talks about how hard he tries to capture the spirit of the building, not just the dimensioned details of it. It is really good to hear the artist talking about what moves and inspires him to work at the artistic level of exceptional quality he has achieved. 

Great buildings have soul and and often character that comes only with time and weathering effects. In this film he shows making a detailed brick mold and then aging the molded wall section.

This youtube channel has uploaded a number of films taken in the Timothy Richards studio covering many of the aspects used in the making of the models.

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Neelah said...

They're absolutely wonderful. I sure hope I wil get to Bath and visit the workshop some day.