November 23, 2018

cutting intricate joins kumiko style

 Time to get back to thinking about doing some miniature sized wood work...
I subscribe to youtube channels from various "makers". Often those channels are not generally related to making scale model miniatures but they are all about how things get made.

Today there was one on using power tools to make some jigs for precision cutting angled joints on small pieces of wood. I thought it worth sharing as it has various applications in dollhouse building such as making windows, parquet flooring, dressing up paneled walls, making miniature shoji screens, railings, cabinets, boxes, drawers, fences, trim pieces for roof edges, gazebo details or for making picture frames, etc.

A lot of the cutting and trimming action in the video is done with hand tools. Some of the sizing of the materials that will be trimmed are done with power tools such as a tablesaw and planer. But some of us, meaning myself, do have smaller versions of the power tools shown in this video. Plus I have access to other friends larger power tools for cutting wood to sizes suitable for use on the model making sized tools or for making the jigs which are larger pieces of wood than my  model maker tool's motors are better off not dealing with.

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