March 17, 2015

Spring has sprung

It has warmed up enough now to get back to work. Hooray, winter has surrendered in Seattle! I have temporarily installed my new workbench top. The tool/supply cabinet I assembled last fall is beside it. Now I have a taller surface to work from while I continue building cabinetry and some organization to help me find the tools I need. Being organized will be a big help. You can see from the design image below how things are now coming into place but that there is still a very long ways to go.

Tomorrow I will put up some temporary curtains over the windows so I can close them when I am not there working. Soon I will start on the counter top on the other side where the sink, stove and refrigerator will be. The floors are uneven and there are also wheel wells on each side to span over so I need to take a non standard cabinet building approach of first getting the counter tops level then building the cabinets piece by piece to go under them.My workbench top is pine boards, I think I will use the same thing for the counter top on the kitchen side. The nice part is I just have to cut them to length and saw out the holes I need for the sink, stove and top opening fridge. Then put on some thick coats of marine varnish and they are done!
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