December 23, 2014

Playing with scale

© Karin Corbin 2014, all reproduction rights reserved

Just doing some test fitting plus some glittering today. Working on the larger sized versions of the design. I have been playing around with them off and on this last year. But never have gotten down to making them available as kits in my Etsy store.

These larger pieces are not all that large.  They just big enough to be suitable for a real life tabletop Putz or Christmas tree ornament rather than being a miniature that fits into a dollhouse. It is only by comparison to the Micro and Tiny size village sets that they seem large. The tallest tower on the table is under 5" high. I make them from the heavier weight cardstock papers.

As I have an order for some I needed to do some test fitting of ones I had not cut in this size before. Of course the danger is I will get spoiled by how quick it is to assemble something this size compared to making itsy bitsy micro buildings.

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