February 1, 2013

Giant attacks tiny village

photo copyright Karin Corbin 2013
UPDATE: You can now buy the paper village kits at my Etsy Store.

All the villagers have fled in advance of a giant. How were they to know he was friendly?
Nothing like a bit of silliness to lighten up the day!

Those are some buildings from the Tiny Village collection shown with a 1:12 scale action figure. This will give you an idea of how it would work with dollhouse items.

I took this photo to help customers understand their relative size. They are smaller than a 1:144 dollhouse would be, more like the size of the old German toy houses with red roofs. The tallest building in the photo, the tower at the back is 1.25" high.

Eventually I will sell some of the buildings in an even smaller size but at the moment they are not available as I don't have enough of them to make a nice grouping to offer as a set. The more complex building designs can't always be scaled down. Window mullions can't be done at a reduced scale as my machine can't cut that narrow of a piece without tearing it.  Truly narrow sections can't be bent without distorting them so that also induces design changes that have to be made for micro sized kits.My cutting knife can't reliably swivel fast enough to make an accurate micro sized radius.

I keep this action figure around because it looks just like my son! It also happens to be an accurate 1:12 model for his 6'4" height. I find it handy for designing dollhouses.  I set him into the cardboard prototypes to see how comfortable the rooms feel with a human figure inside them. This action figure came from a Lord of the Rings set. But I call him Siegfried the dragon slayer.
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