February 3, 2013

Doing the Crow Step

No the crow step is not a new dance craze it is architectural slang for a stepped gable. Also called a Corbie gable, corbie being derived from the Latin word for crow and what do you know that is also where my last name comes from.

 Another new building for the Tiny Village. Someone had mentioned it seems like I had skipped a few numbers when I was showing the gatehouse building. That is just because I was aggravated with one of the designs that was using an earlier number, #9.  So yesterday out of frustration I finally sent that file to my computers trash can and started over with a type of building style that I had wanted to represent on a few of the village structures.

Stepped gables are fairly common in a number of European countries but we do have some in the USA on the European inspired classic brick buildings. And they even show up on the false fronted, wood buildings in older  towns such as often used on general stores in the cowboy western movies.

The construction approach on this little building is a bit different from the others. I have overlayed a separate pieces of paper on top of the two stepped ends and also over the front of the dormer wall.That was the easiest way to get the steps and it added an easy opportunity for a little extra depth of detailing such as one sometimes finds on brick buildings with some bricks set back further than or proud of other bricks. I am sure to do more overlays on buildings now and again, it works nicely at this scale. There is just enough depth to the cardstock to create shadow lines.
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