January 23, 2013

The redesign

I made a few changes to the center, 1st floor wall.  Not a major change to the design of the piece.

The entry door wall is recessed further back which took away the issue of trying to align the side wall of that section. No side walls means less to fuss with aligning.

I added a support bracket detail under the overhang, that helps get the bent sections all squared up nicely at 90 degrees. It also added a bit of fun detailing to the entry area.

I liked the design the way it was before but I also like this variation that solved assembly issues.
Rear View with chimney

Yesterday there was a comment that this design would make a good dollhouse. Yes it would, all these little buildings designs could be made larger and converted into plywood shells for dollhouses.

When designing larger scale builds I create a study model out of cardboard  before I cut into any wood. You can see one of those at the link below.
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