December 24, 2012

Kirigami Christmas Eve

From Samsung a lovely example of the old arts meeting and then merging with new technology.

While I have seen examples of Kirigami before I had never really made the connection that my little paper buildings are part of that art form.

I now have more two additional buildings designed to go with the Tiny Village scene, that makes ten so far. I am really looking forward to cutting the prototypes of them in the next couple of days.

Each time I design one I figure out new methods of folding for adding more complexity to the shapes without adding to the difficulty of assembling them. This is rather addictive as the reward is indeed a surge of pleasure from both the virtual 3D design and the fun of the reality of a completed  3D paper building that will rest in the palm of my hand. The hunt for inspiration is also fun. I am not making copies of any real life buildings or even copies of vintage glitter houses.

I take my inspiration from traditional details and the basic massing of shapes of historic buildings. I generally start with the idea of a basic form in mind say an L shaped house of two stories with a dormer. Then I start shaping the building, pushing and pulling, trimming here, adding there, changing the roof pitch until the proportions please me. After that comes windows, doors, chimneys and such. They are tiny sculptures.