July 14, 2012

Hand Sawing System

 photo from http://www.fine-tools.com/miter-sawguide.htmlhttp://www.fine-tools.com/miter-sawguide.html

It is of course possible to build a fantastic dollhouse using no power tools at all. They did that for a great many centuries. Precision hand sawing does take some practice and it helps to have some good advice on how to do it. I learned a lot of useful tips that really work for hand sawing from watching this episode of "The Woodwright's Shop". But if you don't think you are up to that then don't worry because there is a terrific little miter saw system for Japanese hand saws that will make accurate cross cuts and rip cuts with virtually no practice at all (except for using a few tips on how to start the cut with the teeth at the proper angle).  It is unlikely you will find this miter saw guide tool in most local hardware stores but it is available over the internet in many different countries.

With this saw you can make accurate, angled, rip cuts by hand. That means you can also make compound angle cuts with this system when using a fence. Trust me, that is a BIG deal in dollhouse building when you want to put dormer roofs on a main roof or when you want to put a roof on a tower or gazebo. It is an even bigger deal to be able to do it accurately with a hand saw. Not saying it is effortless as you must be very careful with your measurements, setting up the fence and with aligning the saw with the cutting mark but that is true for the of making all cuts made with power tools or by hand.

This would be great for apartment dwellers who have limited storage space but still love to make things. I purchased one to put in my future mobile workshop in places where I want to work very quietly or where I have no electricity to plug into. With it I could make all the cuts needed for a dollhouse shell other than window and door openings. But those are also easy to do with hand tools all you need is a keyhole saw and a drill, or a panel saw that has a curved blade to let you start a cut in the middle of a board.

Note that the larger miter saw system may or may not include a saw with it so be sure to check before you order. If the seller has not included a saw in the package you buy will need to purchase the saw separately. You will need a Japanese Kataba saw, or other type of similar saw that has no back spine on it.

So if being afraid of using power tools has stopped you from building your dream house you no longer have an excuse. Just think what all the hand sawing action will do for your arms and pecs!

USA internet source for this saw system
Vaughan Free Angle Perfect Saw Guide


Idskesminis said...

What a wonderful tool! Both the one in the video and the mini version are available in the UK on this site: http://www.fine-tools.com/miter-sawguide.html#ziel313770. My power tools are all stored stacked in large plastic boxes and for just a few cuts this would be a perfect alternative. Thank you for all your very clear explanations, I have already spent hours reading through your posts and have a few more hours to go!

Norma Bennett said...

This looks really amazing, thanks for the info Karin.

miraclechicken said...

That's a very cool tool!

John said...

Thanks, Karin! As always, you always know the best way to tackle a job.