February 23, 2013


photo copyright 2013 Karin Corbin

Decorating cakes and cookies is NOT my favorite thing to do. So don't laugh at my unenthusiastic attempts at it. I really need you guys to send photos in of your projects because I know for sure you can do this stuff with much more finesse. It might help matters if I had not been doing the decorating at my local coffee house, that caffeine added extra squiggles to what should been straight lines. I had to switch my order to decaf espesso this week but one must make sacrifices for ones art. Not that my squiggles actually qualify as art as I am no longer 6 years old.

I will to stick to basics by using a white gel pen to draw in the icing details. A bit of glitter will get sprinkled on later today.  Despite my lack of graphic skills they are still turning out very cute and charming.

My Etsy store where you can buy the gingerbread house kits.

photo copyright 2013 Karin Corbin


miraclechicken said...

Cute and charming indeed :) but ummm isn't decaf espresso an oxymoron???

Troy said...

wow, those look great! I will have to keep my eye open for a white pen.

Catherine said...

I love the white decoration on the houses. They look good enough to eat!

So conceivably... You could go over the white pen lines with that needle point glue bottle and shake on some white glitter.

Karin Corbin said...

Catherine, Yes I could do that but it would be easier to skip making the lines with a gel pen lines instead create the icing lines with a glitter glue that dries white.

Here is a source for that glue, it comes in a micro-tip bottle.

The clear glue they sell is also good, I have used it before for assembling the kits. But I thin it down and then brush it onto the building if covering the whole house with glitter.